Save the Ocean! 蜜ろうラップ
Save the Ocean! 蜜ろうラップ

Save the Ocean! 蜜ろうラップ

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Ripples(Instragram @rippleszerowaste)は、2019年から活動を開始し、地元湘南を中心に関東エリアの幼稚園・小学校向けに海ごみをテーマにしたキッズレクチャーから、気候変動をテーマにおいた企業や団体へのレクチャーまで幅広く活動。定期的なビーチクリーンイベントも開催し、過去にはFM横浜のイベントで神奈川県の黒岩県知事とともにビーチクリーンも行っている。


These special edition beeswax wraps are made to bring more awareness to the ocean plastic problem that impacts every single one of us today. 10% of all sales of these wraps will be donated to Ripples, an environmental educational organization dedicated to beach cleanups as well as the hosting of educational events on ocean litter. 

The S and L size wraps have all been individually hand-dyed by Noriko Nobuoka san, based in Chigasaki Kanagawa, using a very sustainable and traditional Japanese "indigo-dye" method. Because they are all carefully crafted by hand, every wrap will be unique in the way the dye shows on the fabric. Please note there will be some blemishes from this process, but this does not affect the quality of the wrap itself. The M size is a print of all the different sea animals. Please see our "Beeswax Wrap (STICKY)" product for more details on details and general usage instructions of these wraps."

About Ripples:

Ripples(Instragram @rippleszerowaste) was founded in 2019 in the Shonan area. They host educational lectures to all age groups from local kindergartens, elementary schools, to even corporations on topics of climate change and ocean pollution. The also host beach cleanups alongside the Kanagawa governor.